About The Office

Multnomah County District Attorney Office Values

Pursue accountability

Hold people accountable for their actions and center the needs of survivors and families.

Make evidence-based decisions

Apply data and research findings, and collaborate across systems to make well-informed decisions that improve outcomes. 

Act with transparency 

Share information and communicate decisions in a timely, honest, and respectful manner.

Be collaborative

Uphold inclusive approaches where all voices are heard and constructive feedback is welcomed. Foster a culture of trust, humility, and respect. 

Seek equitable outcomes

Reduce racial and all forms of discrimination within our systems. Assess for adverse impacts and disparities within our decisions, policies, and practices. 


Multnomah County District Attorney Office Mission 

We strive for justice and equitable outcomes in the pursuit of greater public safety for all. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office carries out its responsibilities with integrity and humility. We are a learning organization guided by evidence-based research. We are committed to criminal justice reform and building trust.

Under the laws of the State of Oregon, the DA’s Office is authorized to prosecute state felony and misdemeanor charges in Multnomah County. Our office is also authorized to prosecute all city code crimes in the city of Portland. ORS 8.650.