The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office website includes a news page designed to notify the public about the progress of criminal cases of interest, to provide information about public safety policy developments and information about our office’s involvement in community public safety issues.

This news page consists of selected topics and cannot cover all criminal cases and public safety policy issues in which our office is involved.  Additionally, because of ethical regulations and trial court rules we often cannot release the full details of criminal investigations and court cases.

There are two separate areas of the news section.  Click here to view a list of major cases.   Additionally, the Neighborhood Prosecutor Division has a news page that will provide access to readers interested in information regarding activities and developments in their neighborhood.

All sections of this news page can be accessed automatically through the use of direct feeds to personal computers or mobile devices.

Media Contact:
Brent Weisberg, Communications Director
Phone: 503-988-6567 | Email: