Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Access Attorney Program (MAAP)

The MAAP pilot program will: 

  • Get attorneys out of the courthouse and into community
  • Provide a hands-on resource for neighbors and businesses to address local safety concerns including but not limited to gun violence
  • Co-locate with community-based partners, prioritizing those by and for people of color 
  • Host and attend local events to identify issues and priorities in the District they serve 
  • Deploy supplemental attorney resources based on areas with high concentrations of poverty, and victims of gun violence and other crime
  • Participate in equity and cultural competency training prior to engaging impacted communities to ensure better outcomes
  • Ensure MAAP attorneys handle cases within the discrete District that they serve 


MAAP attorney services: 

  • Introduce crime victims to a victim advocate who can assist with processing trauma, navigating the rights you may have as a victim, and procuring restraining orders and more 
  • Help you report a crime that occurred to police or to an investigator
  • Get you information on a case
  • Give you information on how to address prior convictions or court fines through 
  • expungement, SB 819 applications, and Legal Services Day.
  • Explain how the criminal justice system operates in Multnomah County 
  • Help connect you with your defense attorney or PO, get information on warrant lifts, or tell you upcoming court dates
  • Help get you referred to other services and other community-based organizations

*MAAP attorneys cannot act as your attorney and do not provide legal advice.


Contact your MAAP attorney 

The MAAP pilot currently provides resources for two MAAP attorneys who will serve two regions based based on rate of violent crime including the Old Town neighborhood, and the Mill Park, Hazelwood, and Powellhurst Gilbert neighborhoods.

MAAP Old Town contact:
DDA Maggie Burgess
Phone #: 503-278-6644

MAAP East Contact:
DDA Leslie Wu
Phone #: (971) 413-6477