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Make a difference: On-call volunteer Sexual Assault Victim Advocates needed in Multnomah County

SAVA One-Pager 2023April 4, 2023

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s (MCDA) Victim Assistance Program is currently seeking dedicated and compassionate community members to join its volunteer Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) team. SAVAs can make an incredible difference in the aftermath of an assault by supporting victims on the path to healing. 

SAVAs are part of an around-the-clock response to local hospitals (primarily in Multnomah County) where victims of sexual assault receive care and meet with law enforcement officers. Their role is to provide support and information to survivors during the forensic medical examination and law enforcement interview. SAVAs also work with survivors to create a safety plan for when they leave the hospital, coordinating with hospital social workers and community partners to connect survivors to resources.  

“It is vitally important for victims and survivors to remain at the heart of the work that we do,” said Emily Hyde, Program Supervisor for the MCDA Victim Assistance Program. “How victims and survivors are treated frames their experiences and can contribute to their healing and sense of safety. Facilitating access to information and the rights that are afforded victims supports their involvement and voice throughout the criminal justice process.”

Those interested must complete a volunteer application, attend a comprehensive MCDA 40-hour SAVA training, and participate in ongoing training. Applications for the next cohort are due by April 18. 

For more information, visit the MCDA website, or contact SAVA program staff at 503-988-3222 or

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office values diversity and encourages applicants from all backgrounds and identities to apply.