Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for screening, issuing, negotiating, and prosecuting domestic violence felony and misdemeanor cases and alleged violations of Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) restraining orders.


The decision whether to issue charges is up to the DA’s Office, but the Deputy DA who screens your case will want to know what the victim thinks about prosecution of the offender. The decision whether to issue charges will be made based upon all the facts of the case as a whole with a focus on the victim and victim’s family’s safety, public safety, and offender accountability. The police report, the available evidence, and the applicable Oregon law all assist the Deputy DA in determining if a case will be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor.


The DV Unit has two locations in Portland:

Multnomah County Courthouse
1021 S.W. Fourth Avenue, Room 804
Portland, Oregon 97204

Phone: (503) 988-3222

The Multnomah County Courthouse is located in downtown Portland on S.W. Fourth Avenue between S.W. Salmon Street and S.W. Main Street.

Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services
10305 E. Burnside Street
Portland, Oregon 97216

Phone: (503) 988-6400

The Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services is located in Portland on East Burnside between 102nd Avenue and 108th Avenue.