Juvenile Matters

When a youth is taken into custody by the police and taken to the juvenile detention facility, a report will be written and submitted to the juvenile department. ORS 419B.171 and ORS 419C.106.

The Juvenile Unit is responsible for determining appropriate ways to proceed in delinquency cases, which may include prosecution in the juvenile justice system.

Delinquency Cases

The purposes of the Oregon juvenile justice system from apprehension forward are to protect the public, reduce juvenile delinquency, and to provide fair and impartial procedures for the initiation, adjudication, and disposition of allegations of delinquent conduct. The system is founded on the principles of personal responsibility, accountability, and reformation within the context of public safety and restitution to the victims and the community. ORS 419C.001(1).

The DA’s Office reviews police reports and works with the juvenile department in determining the appropriate method to address cases that come into the juvenile system. This decision is guided by the need to provide for public safety as well as appropriate accountability for the youth.