Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact as defined in ORS 163.305, which includes contact resulting from physical force or a threat of force that places a person in fear of immediate or future death or physical injury to self or another person. ORS 147.450.

Victim Advocates

One of our staff or volunteer victim advocates will meet you at the hospital, when we are contacted by law enforcement, to provide support and information about the medical examination and police interview. After the medical examination and as questions about your emotional, medical, and legal concerns come up, a staff victim advocate will be available to help you.

Your decision to report and prosecute may prevent someone else from becoming a victim.

Medical Attention

Even if you do not seem physically hurt, it is important to receive a medical exam. You may have internal injuries that require medical attention and the medical staff can provide preventive treatment against STDs and HIV. Follow up with a doctor after the initial screening. You are not required to report a sexual assault to the police, but you can still request a sexual assault examination.

Additional Resources

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