DA Mike Schmidt announces arraignment of Keffer White, 29, for attempted murder, assault

June 27, 2022


Elisabeth Shepard, Communications Director


DA Mike Schmidt announces arraignment of Keffer White, 29, for attempted murder, assault 

PORTLAND, Oregon – Today Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that Keffer James White, 29, was arraigned on four counts including two counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, one count of Assault in the First Degree, and one count of Assault in the Second Degree. 

The charges stem from an incident on the evening of Saturday, June 25. A group of people were waiting for the bus in the area of Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Hall Street. Witness reports and video surveillance allege that White approached the group and began talking to them. When they did not respond, he began to yell and made fun of them for being elderly. White became increasingly aggressive. He approached one man in the group, Edward Lichenstein, 88, and began attacking him, including headbutting him and shoving him to the ground. 

White then turned to another person in the group, Donald Pierce, 83, who was holding a cane for balance, and pushed him into the street and on to the ground. Once on the ground White kicked Pierce in the head and face area several times. White subsequently continued attacking Lichtenstein who was attempting to get away. Pierce also attempted to get up and White returned and attacked him again by kicking him in his head. 

Portland Police officers were in the area of the attack on an unrelated call when they heard screaming and approached the bus stop where the attack took place. The officers rendered aid to the victims and arrested White based on a witness report that White was responsible for the attack. Lichenstein and Pierce are currently in critical condition at an area hospital. 

Witnesses reported that White stated he was going to kill the victims during the attack. White is currently in custody without bail.  

A charging document is only an accusation of a crime. White is innocent unless and until proven guilty.