Data Dashboards

Our dashboards are part of a larger movement within our local criminal justice system and community to use data, technology, and research as tools to reduce incarceration and racial disparities and to improve outcomes for justice involved individuals and crime victims. Tools like our dashboards help us create safer communities and advance the dialogue on best practices for local justice systems.

We are excited to make our data accessible and understandable for the community without needing advanced technical expertise. Although accessible via a mobile device, viewers should use a desktop or laptop computer for the best viewing experience.

Dashboard Resources

We have compiled a series of resources designed to aid users in their dashboard viewing experience and/or to better understand the criminal justice system.

Take a look by clicking here.


Best viewed with desktop or laptop

Prosecutorial Performance Indicators

Prosecutorial Performance Indicators

Bias Crimes Dashboard

Bias Crimes

Firearms Cases

Gun Violence Cases

Protest Cases Dashboard

Protest Cases