Like many prosecutor’s offices throughout the nation, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office is organized into specialized units of attorneys.  These units focus on particulars types of criminal activity and develop an expertise in investigating and prosecution of defendants charged with those types of criminal offenses.  The following is a summary of four divisions of the office which engage in criminal investigations and prosecutions and the various specialized units in those divisions.


Division One – Chief Deputy District Attorney Glen Banfield

Division Two – Chief Deputy District Attorney Kirsten Snowden

  • Strategic Prosecution Unit
  • Pretrial Unit (extraditions, grand jury, appeals)
  • Unit C (Robbery, burglary, gun and other weapons crimes, vehicular homicide)

Division Three – Chief Deputy District Attorney Don Rees

  • Multi-disciplinary Team Unit (inter-family physical and sexual abuse of children)
  • Unit A/B (theft, fraud, identity theft, drugs, gambling, human trafficking)
  • Unit D (assault, sex crimes and aggravated assaults)

Division Four – Chief Investigator Peter Simpson

  • DA Investigations Unit (DA Investigators)