Multnomah County
District Attorney

1200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 5200
Portland, OR 97204

Multnomah County District Attorney

1200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 5200
| Portland, OR 97204
| 503-988-3162

Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, which is committed to the open and balanced administration of justice—one that honors and respects diversity in all of its forms.

Our office has a variety of employment opportunities. Please review the descriptions below for more information about each opportunity and how to apply.

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Deputy District Attorneys

The Multnomah County DA’s Office has intermittent openings for Deputy District Attorneys.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply without delay. Primary duties include: reviewing police reports and evidence to make an informed charging decision in a wide variety of misdemeanor criminal offenses; advising law enforcement and community members regarding legal questions and procedures; preparing misdemeanor cases for trial including developing a trial strategy, preparing witnesses, and drafting legal motions and memoranda; participating in case negotiations with defense counsel; and appearing in court and representing the state in arraignments, all phases of trials, entries of plea, sentencing hearings, and probation violation hearings.

Certified Law Students
The DA’s Office employs Certified Law Students during the school year and the summer between the second and third years of law school. Participating law students must be certified to appear in court through the Law Student Appearance Program, which is described in detail in Rules 13.05 to 13.30 of the Rules for Admission of Attorneys in Oregon.

If you would like to submit an application to work as a Certified Law Student in our office, please contact Senior Deputy District Attorney Amanda Nadell, the supervisor of our Misdemeanor Trial Unit, at or 503-988-4581.

If you have specific questions about career opportunities within the District Attorney’s Office, please contact Human Resources at