The DA’s Office has a variety of volunteer opportunities. The descriptions below provide more information about each opportunity and instructions on how to apply.

Visit the Office

Attorneys, law school graduates, and law students who are interested in visiting the office are encouraged contact Senior Deputy District Attorney Jenna Plank, the supervisor of the Misdemeanor Trial Unit.  Jenna may be reached via e-mail (jenna.plank@nullmcda.us)or by phone at (503)-988-3112.

Practical Skills Through Public Service

The DA’s Office participates in the Practical Skills Through Public Service program.  This unique program was created by the Oregon New Lawyers Division.  In this program, new attorney volunteers are placed at organizations of their interest, receive training relevant to their respective organizations, are mentored by practicing attorneys, and are given active cases and projects.

Jury Trial Experience Project

The DA’s Office has worked in partnership with the American College of Trial Lawyers on the Jury Trial Experience Project since August 2008. The project places attorneys (with varying levels of experience) from local civil firms into the Misdemeanor Trial Unit of the DA’s Office. Participants commit to working 4 days per week for 4 weeks. During the first 2 days, participants undergo an accelerated orientation and training program. By the end of the first week, participants are assigned their first trial. As time passes, participants are assigned to handle more complex and difficult cases. When not in trial, participants handle probation violation hearings, show-cause hearings, restitution hearings, and other court appearances. Participants will be screened via a criminal background check and pre-participation drug screening.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Senior Deputy DA Tom Cleary at thomas.cleary@nullmcda.us . Contact Jury Trial Experience Committee member, Walter Sweek of Cosgrave, Vergeer, Kester at wsweek@nullcosgravelaw.com  or Elden Rosenthal of Devlin Law P.C.  at elden@nullrgdpdx.com to apply.

Work Opportunities for Students

The DA’s Office provides work opportunities for students from local high schools, community colleges, and universities. If you would like further information, please contact Vi Ton, HR Manager at vi.ton@nullmcda.us (503) 988-4943, or Jamila Williams, Operations Manager at Jamila.Williams@nullmcda.us (503) 988-5706.

Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Program

The role of a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) is to provide support and information during the forensic medical examination and law enforcement interview. SAVAs meet with law enforcement and the sexual assault victim at local hospitals or medical facilities. The purpose of the hospital response is two-fold: to ensure the physical well being of the victim and to collect forensic evidence that may be present.

If this is an opportunity that you are interested in, please complete and submit an application. Applications should be mailed to:

SAVA Program
ATTN: Emily Hyde

1200 Southwest First Avenue Suite 5200

Portland, Oregon 97204

Contact Emily Hyde at (503) 988-6448