DA Mike Schmidt announces arraignment of second defendant in child torture case 

November 4, 2022


Elisabeth Shepard, Communications Director

DA Mike Schmidt announces arraignment of second defendant in child torture case 

PORTLAND, Oregon – Today, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that Larissa Ducan was detained by US Marshalls in Roseburg, Oregon, and transported to Multnomah County for arraignment. She faces 12 charges, including:

  • Three counts of Assault in the First Degree
  • Seven counts of Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree 
  • Two counts of Assault in the Third Degree 

Co-defendant Javon Markquez Ingram was arraigned on 36 charges on October 18. The charges include:

  • Three counts of Assault in the First Degree 
  • Twenty-three Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree
  • Ten counts Assault in the Third Degree 

The charges stem from prolonged torture of a child known to and previously in the care of the co-defendants. In November 2021, the child, aged 5 at the time, was taken to the Randall Children’s Hospital. The child presented as severely malnourished with injuries all over her body. She was not toilet trained and did not attend school. Portland Police Bureau Child Abuse Detectives responded and subsequently obtained search warrants of locations the child allegedly lived in the area of Southeast Liebe Street and Southeast 101st Avenue. They found evidence of abuse such as zip ties, duct tape, and a dog shock collar at the locations. 

A CARES NW Child Abuse Pediatrician diagnosed the child’s injuries as torture. The diagnosis was based on extensive injuries to the child including but not limited to her weight of 29.8 pounds, anemia, lacerations, scratches, scabs, open sores, swelling, and fractures of the thumb and pelvis, bradycardia, brain bleeds, digestive issues, evidence of the use of physical restraints on the child’s ankles, wrists, and elbows, evidence of the use of blindfolds and evidence of gagging. 28 videos were collected from Ingram’s phone, including numerous videos of the child enduring a variety of extensive abuse consistent with her physical injuries. The child was removed from the care of the defendants after the investigation began and has been living in the care of another guardian.

It was through the coordination, communication, and collaboration of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team that this case was investigated and issued for prosecution. The Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team includes representatives from CARES Northwest, local law enforcement, public schools, hospitals, health departments, local mental health service providers, the Oregon Department of Human Services, and Multnomah County’s Department of Community Justice.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team works with community partners to protect children who have been abused and neglected while striving to ensure that all practices are trauma-informed and mitigate the life-long consequences of child abuse. CARES Northwest, Multnomah County’s child abuse assessment center, is a community-based medical program for the assessment, treatment, and prevention of child abuse.

A charging document is only an accusation of a crime. Ingram and Ducan are innocent unless and until proven guilty.