DA’s Office meets to discuss death of George Floyd and racism in America

May 29, 2020

I want to address the death of George Floyd. The actions of the police officers involved are in blatant conflict with the most basic civil and human rights. What we saw in Minneapolis was an extreme abuse of power. We know from our experiences that those actions do not represent the compassion, respect and dignity police officers across the country have for the communities they passionately serve. I support those in Minneapolis, Multnomah County and those across the country who are demanding that our country undo the fabric of hatred, bigotry and fear that is so clearly still woven into our nation. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Christian Cooper. These are names of four individuals, among others, who all of us should know and remember.

This morning, I met virtually with the office’s Equity, Dignity and Opportunity Council (EDOC) to discuss what happened in Minneapolis. I am encouraged and proud of the work EDOC is doing to support our office, and I know they are excited to share what they are doing.

Furthermore, our office, as we always have, took part in today’s emotional and powerful virtual Community Peace Collaborative Forum, which is a bi-weekly meeting and a coalition for violence prevention and achievement.

I am truly humbled and thankful for all of the hard work that our community, and specifically our office, has done to develop and promote unity, respect and fairness within the criminal justice system and throughout our community. We will not stop that work.