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DDA Brad Kalbaugh saves two dogs running loose in traffic

As Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Brad Kalbaugh drove into work on June 25, 2019, he saw two large dogs running loose in East Multnomah County near the intersection of Southeast 181st Avenue and Southeast Stark Street.

“This all happened in during the middle of rush hour,” DDA Kalbaugh said. “These two dogs were running all over the place. I was really worried that they would be hit by a vehicle.”

DDA Kalbaugh, who is assigned to the Pretrial Unit, said he stopped his pickup in a safe location and called the dogs over.

“I managed to coax both of them into the back of my truck,” DDA Kalbaugh said. “But before I could do anything with them, they took off running again. It was an awful feeling.”

DDA Kalbaugh got back into his pickup and started driving around looking for the four-legged escapees. He found Gresham Police Officer David Hickey at a nearby convenience store and flagged him down to help look for the dogs.

“He was great. He started helping right away,” DDA Kalbaugh said. “We even had a mom and her kid pointing us in the right direction.”

About 20 minutes after it all started, DDA Kalbaugh found “Flame” and “Junior” not too far from the original location. He was able to lure both dogs over.

“They jumped right back into my pickup bed and that’s when I fashioned some rope tie-downs into makeshift leashes,” said DDA Kalbaugh.

GPD Officer Hickey pulled up on scene just in time to help.

DDA Kalbaugh described “Flame” and “Junior” as being very sweet.

The two dogs were reunited with their owner who was very relieved.

Multnomah County Animal Services has information on what to do if you have lost or located a pet on its website.

The District Attorney’s Office thanks DDA Kalbaugh and the Gresham Police Department for their quick response during this incident.

Media: For hi-res photos, please contact Brent Weisberg, Communications Director for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.