HOT TOPIC: LEAD® Program Helps Drug Users Break Cycle of Use

In an effort to reduce future criminal behavior by people involved in low-level drug offenses and reduce the number of persons of color being arrested and referred to the criminal justice system, County and City leaders are launching an innovative pilot project called LEAD® or Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion.

What is LEAD®?

  • LEAD® is a pre-booking diversion program.
  • LEAD® allows officers to redirect low level offenders engaged in drug activity to services and resources specific to the needs of the individual instead of jail and prosecution.
  • LEAD® participants begin working immediately with case managers to access services.


  • Reduce the harm a drug offender causes him or herself and to the surrounding community.
  • Reduce recidivism rates for low-level offenders.
  • Decrease the number of persons of color prosecuted for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

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