Speakers Bureau

The District Attorney’s Office provides speakers to schools, civic groups, colleges and universities, fraternal organizations, and other groups interested in learning about prosecution and related issues.

Frequently requested topics include:

  • Crime in Our Community
  • The Juvenile Justice System: How it Works
  • The Impact of Drug or Alcohol Use on Adults and Juveniles: What Happens When the Legal System Steps In
  • The Victim Assistance Program: Victims’ Rights
  • The Victim Assistance Program: How to Keep the Victim Informed Throughout Prosecution
  • The Victim Assistance Program: The Victim Restitution Program
  • The Rape Victim Advocate Program: What Happens After You Call 911?
  • Child Abuse in Multnomah County: Reporting, Investigation and Prosecution
  • The Neighborhood District Attorney Program
  • Ballot Measure 11 and What it Means for Juveniles
  • Enforcing Child Support

Speakers are also available for information on legislation affecting the criminal justice system and various crime topics such as driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), auto theft, elder abuse, homicides, drugs, and sexual assault.

To request a speaker for your school or group, please e-mail:  da@nullmcda.us.