DA Mike Schmidt announces guilty verdict for self-proclaimed “Patriot” Alan Swinney

October 5th 2021

Elisabeth Shepard, Communications Director


PORTLAND, Ore. – Today, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that a 12-person jury found Alan Swinney, 51, guilty of one count of assault in the second degree, two counts of unlawful use of mace in the second degree, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon (paintball gun), menacing, attempted assault in the fourth degree, attempted assault in the second degree, pointing a firearm at another, assault in the fourth degree, and unlawful use of a weapon with firearm all of which occurred during the summer of 2020. Mr. Swinney became a known entity in Portland during last years’ protests, calling himself a “Patriot”  and appearing at multiple demonstrations in the Northwest wherein he instigated and committed violent acts under the banner of free speech and pro-police sentiments.

The trial went on for six days, crossing the one year mark of Mr. Swinney’s arrest in 2020. Jurors learned of multiple crimes Mr. Swinney committed on August 15th and 22nd of last year. On both dates, Mr. Swinney and members of his group entered downtown Portland dressed in armor and visibly brandished various weapons including guns and mace.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez illustrated to the jury that Mr. Swinney perceived the protests occurring at that time, which largely supported the racial justice movement, as a “civil war” by quoting social media posts authored and published by Mr. Swinney on a website called Parler. Further posts presented as evidence over the course of the trial blatantly promoted violence and wagered threats towards what Mr. Swinney called “the left” or “antifa”.

On August 15th, Mr. Swinney shot a man in the face with a paintball gun who was filming him. Mr. Swinney also unlawfully discharged bear mace and menaced others. One week later on August 22nd, Mr. Swinney pointed a loaded Ruger .357 at civilians and again unlawfully discharged bear mace and shot a woman in the chest with a paintball gun. The victim testified that the pain from her chest wound resulted in significant bruising and sleepless nights. When asked on the stand, Mr. Swinney indicated he believed she deserved it.

In closing arguments, Senior Deputy District Attorney Vasquez cited that in Mr. Swinney’s mind, he came to Portland to fight terrorists when in fact, “there was only one terrorist in Portland on those days, and it was Alan Swinney.” Mr. Swinney’s sentencing date has not yet been determined.